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SHENGZE Mould Company has rich experience in the design of European standards of DME, HASCO and some other moulds. We do moulds strictly according to our customer's drawing and designing requirements .We are using advanced technology software such as UG, ProE, Catia for our customer to build first-class moulds, and combining with our perfect equipment and strict quality control system for supplying high quality , high standard moulds to our our domestic and overseas customers.
We have leading-industry CAE experience and technology:
· Help customer to reasonably adJust product wall thickness. Study the product quality and the best balance between the cost of molding.
· Predict product appearance of weld mark,trapped gas defects, predict and control in the mould.
· Predict Product wallpage,help customer to improve the structure of the product assembly. And on the mould to prevent the product wallpage’s designing.
. Reasonable arrangement the injection gate & colling system,upto the best arts and lowest investment.
Supply the best injection molding parameter ,work together with our customer to solve the problem during injection molding.

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